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Not gonna lie I'm a bit of of a trouble maker and have been all my life. I've never been in prison, but I have been married before. I'm part sarcastic, a little mouthy, but can also be quite charming. My career has taken me from Regina to Saskatoon, Calgary to Victoria, and beautiful Red Deer!  I love this city and the people!  It's an amazing community and I like to get out as much as possible to help out from volunteering, to taking part in events like Walk A Mile In her Shoes for Women's Outreach to cooking at the Ronald McDonald House to ringing bells for The Salvation Army, and emceeing events. Wherever there's a cause I like to be there to help out!  Technology is not my friend...I don't know a gigabyte from a snapchat.  I'm old school and would rather have rotary phones with party lines...and don't get me started on emojitos or whatever there called. When I'm not at work you can find me getting sweaty at hot yoga, on the golf course or jamming and singing.


If you asked me what's one thing I couldn't live without, I'd say my toothbrush!! I'm born and raised in Saskatchewan, yes I'm a Roughriders fan--don't hold it against me! At an early age, I discovered a love for storytelling and followed that passion to Lethbridge College. Upon graduation, I stuck to my prairie roots. Statistics say the average person moves roughly 11 times in their lifetime, well I've passed that... I've lived in Saskatoon, Regina, Medicine Hat, Lethbridge, and now Red Deer! Outside of work, you can find me out walking/running my dog-Addie, I love watching sports-baseball, hockey, NASCAR, and football, as well as eating smartie ice cream while watching Full House - I've seen every episode probably 25 times!! You can also call me a pink fanatic, my wardrobe, my room, anything and everything consists of pink - one day I hope to even drive a pink car! 


Al Redel was born and raised in Alberta, with family still farming the Redel Homestead in the Consort area. Al and his lovely wife Virginia have lived in Red Deer for over 30 years.  They’ve found Red Deer to be a fantastic place to live and raise their two sons Randy and Tanner, both embarking on careers in Business and Medicine in Edmonton. Believe it or not, Al still enjoys getting up at 3:30 am weekday mornings, to bring Central Albertans the latest information and toss in a pun or two, to bring a smile to their face. Al says “I really enjoy helping get everyone get through their mornings! He adds “We have Outstanding Listeners, who live in a Beautiful Region and enjoy Country Music”.  “Does it get any better than that!”

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